Why opening your own business: build your dreams instead of fulfilling others’ ones

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To work independently, be your own boss, open your own company is not for everybody.

Of course, you need to take risks, you need the sufficient capital to make it started, but, above all, you need to have courage. The courage to change your life and to move from the condition of a simple dependent that is carrying out the mission of a company owned by others, to the creation of something that is yours, with your capacities, your identity, your passion, in full independence.

Then you will start to become the master of your time and finally to not suffer stress anymore from an unhealthy work environment, caused by difficult relations with your boss, colleagues, or by long office hours, that allow you to enjoy life (excluding tiredness) only in a short piece of time that goes from the moment you exit the office till you go to sleep or during a weekend that never seems to be sufficient to recover energies.

So, why not work on your own?

Among the countries that facilitate an independent business activity without the load of taxation, there is United Arab Emirates, where it is possible to conduct multiple business activities with affordable prices, low bureaucracy and with the opportunity to expand your own network on an international level.

United Arab Emirates enjoy one of the most liberal and stable economies of the Middle East that has attracted, throughout the years, many start-ups as well as multimillionaire companies.

With a legal framework beneficial for foreign investors, pre-arranged infrastructures for offices, factories and warehouses, strategic geographical position between Europe, Asia and Africa, opening a business in UAE is a clever opportunity of business investment.

In particular, starting a business in UAE free zones is even more convenient, thanks to the 100% of foreign company ownership, 100% of corporate tax exemption, 100% of personal income tax exemption and 100% of repatriation of capital and profits (for more information about UAE free zones benefits, click here).

That’s ideal for those who want to build their own business, not to mention that some license packages present particularly flexible solutions for those willing to work comfortably from home without the constraint to rent an office.

The free zones in UAE are numerous and located all over the country (to consult the full list, click here), each of them specialized in a particular business sector.

If you want to know how to start business in Dubai or to setup company in UAE, visit www.uaestablishment.com and you will be assisted in all the phases to open your company and work towards your dream.


Mara Di Marco
General Manager, UAEstablishment

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