Why UAE Residence Visa is convenient

open a company in dubai

Many of the clients that contact us to open a company in the UAE are generally interested only to setup a business and a company bank account in Dubai or in another Emirate, but they are not looking for obtaining the UAE residence visa, if it is an optional and not an obligatory choice.

They underestimate the numerous advantages of the UAE residence visa though:

Full tax exemption on the personal income in the UAE and, if you are registered as a foreign resident at your embassy or consulate, you are most likely exempted to declare your foreign income in your home country (please consult your embassy or consulate as the regulations vary from country to country).

› Opening an UAE company bank account is easier and cheaper. If you have the UAE residence visa, it is possible to setup an UAE company bank account quickly and the monthly minimum balance to be deposited will have a medium range of 5,000 – 50,000 AED, subject to the bank. If there is no UAE residence visa, instead, it will be required a monthly minimum balance at least of 500,000 AED!

› You can buy a car, rent houses and offices for a long term and activate the related utilities in the UAE.

› You can come and stay in the UAE anytime you want, without limitations.

› The cost of the UAE residence visa is around 3,000 AED and it has a validity of three years for the companies registered in the UAE free zones.


Note that the UAE residence visa does not necessarily imply that you have to reside in the country, but you need to enter the UAE at least one time every six months, in order to keep your visa valid.

If you want to open a company in the Dubai or in the UAE and get the related UAE residence visa, write to contact@uaestablishment.com or fill up the form below. We will get back to you at earliest.