Dubai among world’s top 5 maritime clusters in competitiveness and attractiveness

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Dubai is one of most attractive environments for locating maritime business, according to the Leading Maritime Capitals of the World 2017, a report published by Menon Business Economics Group, an organization that provides economic analyses and advices to companies, organizations and public authorities.

The survey took into account five key indicators. Let’s see how Dubai performed for each of them:

  • Shipping Centers: Dubai ranked 10th, as it is seen as an attractive location for shipping activities with positive growth expectations in the sector.
  • Maritime Finance and Law: Dubai ranked 12th, with a positive outlook in offering world-class maritime brokering services and a number of leading maritime legal experts practicing in the city. However, it needs more banks and financial service providers highly specialized in maritime competency.
  • Ports and Logistics: Dubai ranked 6th, as it is increasing its importance as a logistic center, thanks also to the strong backing from the government that is aiming to make it the maritime city for excellence in the region.
  • Maritime Technology: Dubai ranked 14th, with a positive result concerning the number of maritime oriented personnel working in the leading classification societies in the city (classification society is a non-governmental organization that establishes and maintains the technical standards for ships and offshore structures), but it needs to invest more in research and development, education, ship building and maritime equipment.
  • Attractiveness and Competitiveness: Dubai ranked 5th, thanks to its attractive policy framework in terms of taxes, subsidies and regulations, as well as for its support for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The overall excellent achievement is due mainly to the government efforts in building a strong and well structured maritime sector and to focus on innovation, knowledge and development of advanced infrastructures.

Dubai hosts also a free zone dedicated exclusively to the maritime sector, Dubai Maritime City, that is the ideal destination for maritime investors and traders from all over the world, as it offers a wide range of activities along with those unique benefits and advantages that only a free zone environment grants.

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Mara Di Marco
General Manager, UAEstablishment