The unstoppable growth of Jebel Ali Free Zone

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Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) has registered 470 new companies in 2016 with a growth rate of 7 per cent over the previous five years.

Of the 470 companies, 58 per cent came from the Middle East, 21 per cent from the Asia-Pacific region, 16 per cent from Europe, 3 per cent from the Americas and 2 per cent from Africa.

Those companies have chosen JAFZA to setup their regional base of operations and to start business in UAE.

The free zone is indeed known to be the ideal destination to setup company in Dubai, thanks to the provision of an excellent support to all kind of businesses, its strategic location and the offer of a wide range of services and pre-built facilities.

Recently, JAFZA has launched 110 new leasable warehouses in JAFZA South, meeting the growing demand for warehousing spaces of new established companies to carry out their logistic activities.

JAFZA has also inaugurated a new residential complex with 582 rooms within the free zone to provide to the labors a comfort living environment close to their place of work.

A big project is also under development and it is the multi-storey car storage, a facility of five levels that covers an area of 82,000 meters with a capacity to hold 12,000 cars at a time.

It offers 4,000 sq. mt. for office space and a workshop area of 1,300 sq. mt. dedicated to the repair and modification services of cars.

The project aims to support the automobile trade in JAFZA’s brand partner, Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ), and to allow companies to import and re-export vehicles easily, thanks to its proximity to Jebel Ali Port.

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Mara Di Marco
General Manager, UAEstablishment