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Innovation is a distinctive mark for UAE. According to the Global Innovation Index 2017 published by the World Intellectual Property Organization in collaboration with different organization and educational institutions, UAE ranks first among Arab nations and 35th on an international level in innovation.

The index measured the performance of 128 countries taking into account 81 indicators that explore a broad vision of innovation, political environment, education, infrastructure and business sophistication.

Among Arab countries, UAE was ranked ahead of Qatar (49th), Saudi Arabia (55th), Kuwait (56th), Bahrain (66th) and Oman (77th).

On the other hand, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the US and the UK were named the world’s five most innovative countries.

UAE gained an overall satisfactory position due to the following points:

  • Increased data availability
  • Strength in tertiary inbound mobility, innovation clusters and ICT driven business model innovation
  • Ease of paying taxes
  • Growth in investment and credit
  • Higher expenditure or financing in Research and Development by businesses
  • Increase in knowledge and technology outputs
  • Rise in the number of trademark registration applications at a national level

These achievements are mainly due to strategical politics and legislation and to the developments in information technology, communications, infrastructure and innovation linkages, put in place but the UAE government.

Dubai, in particular, aims to become the world’s most innovative city by 2021. Just recently, it has launched its first robotic police officer while the transport authority announced plans to convert 25% of all public transport journeys into self-driving trips by 2030.

The innovation in Dubai is boosted also from its free zones, especially Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), the region’s technology park that caters to the technology sector and is open to a wide range of business activities.

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Mara Di Marco
General Manager, UAEstablishment