The most important business zones and areas of UAE

business areas in uae

The United Arab Emirates offer lots of opportunities in terms of investment, thanks to a simple and flexible legal framework, a minimum bureaucracy and a tax-free environment.

The numerous zones and areas of business located in the country indeed confirm it. Among those, there are industrial zones, special economic zones and technology parks.

The sectors in which they are specialized are many and able to meet the requirements of any kind of business, either in the mainland either in the free zones.


Industrial Zones

The industrial zones are areas where it is possible to carry out activities mainly related to the manufacturing, food and beverage, oil, but also commercial and logistics sector.

They are usually located in distinct areas far from the city centre, but close to airport, port and highway infrastructures.

This allows them to offer integrated services in one unique enclosed area, encouraging the development of a business network between enterprises and reducing the environmental and social impact of industrial activities.

Among the most important industrial areas of UAE there are those of Ras Al Khor, Al Quoz and Mussafah in the mainland, while Jebel Ali Free Zone, Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone or Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone in the free zones.


Special Economic Zones

The special economic zones are areas subject to an economic legislation that differs from the local one, with the aim to attract more foreign investments.

The UAE have multiple special economic zones, among which stands out ZonesCorp of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, that offers economic incentives to the investments, like for example the reduction of infrastructural costs, administrative support, simplified approval procedures and residential areas for labours.

The companies registered in such zones are however subject to the regulation of the ordinary commercial law of UAE (including the minimum requirement of 51% of participation of the Emirati citizen to the company’s ownership).


 Technology Parks

The technology parks are areas located in the peripheral zones of UAE cities and that gather companies specialized in the high technology and IT sectors, besides of being the headquarter of some academic institutions.

One of the most important technology parks of UAE is TechnoPark, located in the heart of the industrial zone of Dubai. With an area of more than 21 million of square meters, it aims to attract the major industrial entrepreneurs that want to access the UAE and GCC market.

Nowadays, TechnoPark is the headquarter of some of the highest profile companies on a global level, specialized in technology and petrochemical industries, making it one of the biggest industrial hub of all the Middle East.


Besides of the business zones and areas mentioned above, it is possible to carry out different activities related to the commercial and services areas, in the mainland and in the free zones.

The latter, in particular, offer the license to practice activities in the academic, science, research, health, humanitarian, commercial, logistics, financial, consulting, renewable energy, communication, media and IT sectors.

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Mara Di Marco
General Manager, UAEstablishment