Dubai International Financial Center

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Dubai International Financial Center

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is a global financial centre strategically located between the East and West, providing a stable and secure platform for businesses and financial institutions to tap into the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Its internationally recognised and independent regulation, common law framework, tax-friendly regime, and enabling environment make it the ideal hub to access the region’s rapidly growing demand for financial and business services.

DIFC fills the time-zone gap between the leading financial centres of London and New York in the West and Hong Kong and Tokyo in the East. Guided by its core values of integrity, transparency and efficiency, the Centre continues to play a pivotal role in meeting the growing financial needs of the region.

It offers a holistic lifestyle for today’s international financial elite. The Centre’s integrated Town Centre, Residential Zone and Office Zone, ensure that resident individuals and corporations can access the full range of professional, residential and entertainment amenities within the DIFC.

DIFC offers to its non-regulated companies also the possibility to operate in Dubai mainland through a dual license in collaboration with Dubai Economy.

There are two types of companies that can establish their business in DIFC:

  • Regulated: firms that carry out financial services and comprise of banks, capital markets, wealth and asset managers, insurance and re-insurance firms, islamic finance and business processing operations. Market institutions are authorised to operate an exchange and/or clearing house in or from DIFC.

  • Non-Regulated: firms that offer professional support services and back office administrative operations to the financial community. This includes legal, accounting, notary, audit, insolvency and recruitment firms, corporate governance experts, international tax advisers, consultancy and more. In addition, DIFC hosts a retail community comprised of various retail shops, casual and fine dining restaurants, five star hotels and leading academic institutions.

Areas of Business for Regulated Companies:

  • Banks (Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Trade and Export Finance, Project and Infrastructure Funding, Treasury Services, Correspondent Banking)

  • Insurance

  • Wealth Management

  • Capital Markets

Areas of Business for Non Regulated Companies:

  • Legal

  • Accounting and Audit

  • Consulting

  • Compliance

  • Recruitment

  • Risk Management

  • Data and Research

  • Retail

Dubai International Financial Center Benefits:

  • 100% corporate tax exemption

  • 100% personal income tax exemption

  • 100% foreign company ownership

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

  • No currency restrictions

  • Common law framework

  • Independent regulatory environment

  • Hub and spoke model

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