Our Business Setup Services

Whether you wish to setup a new company or a branch of an existing company in a free zone of the United Arab Emirates, UAEstablishment can help you to complete the whole process in an easy, fast and cost effective way.

Unlike our competitors, indeed, we are not interested in the accumulation of profit but in the satisfaction of the client’s request and to help him/her in the realization of his/her business project.

For this reason, we preferred to opt for lower and honest prices, admitting also a margin of flexibility based on client’s needs.

Our goal is that everybody, entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, young or not, have the possibility to open a business in the UAE.

During the phase of free consultation, we will propose you the free zone most suitable for you and, if you wish to proceed, we will open the company on your behalf. Your presence is, indeed, required only for the signature of documents. If you can’t come to sign, no problem: we will do it through a POA and your company will be immediately operative.

But we would like also to be useful in the post-formation phase of your company. If you wish, we can take care of your license renewal, future employment and dependent visa processing, attestation services, and so on.

Are you ready to setup business in the UAE?

Contact us at contact@uaestablishment.com for an initial free consultation!

Our packages include also some immigration services for you, your employees and family dependents.

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