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Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZA) was established by an Emiri decree issued in November 12, 1995. It is located in Sharjah, which gives the free zone a unique geographic and time zone advantage backed by a secure and fully convertible currency and a multi-access to neighboring and global countries through land, sea and air. Hamriyah Free Zone is fast becoming one of the cornerstones of the United Arab Emirates industrial development.

As the next generation free zone, Hamriyah Free Zone is ensuring that its management is flexible and dynamic besides being an investor oriented free zone.

Hamriyah Free Zone is challenged to provide competitive incentives and unique opportunities to establish a business in a tax free environment, full company ownership, exemptions from all commercial levies and repatriation of capital and profits. The free zone manages an area of approximately 22 million square meters of prime industrial and commercial land and a 14 meter deep water port which includes room for additional expansion.

Hamriyah is formed by 7 Magnificent Zone, sub zones lead to an innovative approach that is making a significant, visible difference to the SME community at HFZA. They comprise Oil & Gas Zone, Petrochemical Zone, Steel City, Construction World, Timber Land, Maritime City and Perfume Land complimented by E-Office packages.

Hamriyah allows two legal structures for conducting a business:

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC): a separate legal entity, with shareholders as individuals and/or corporates. The minimum capital requirement for incorporation depends on the business activity.

  • Branch of Foreign or UAE Company: a legally dependent entity that is part of the parent company. It conducts all or some of the operations inherent in the parent’s business. Share capital is not required.

The type of license that will be issued to an applicant company will be defined by the activity the applicant company is permitted by the Hamriyah Free Zone to undertake as follows:

  • Industrial License: this license will allow the holder to import raw materials for the purpose of manufacturing, processing and/or assembly of specified products. The finished products may be exported outside the UAE. If the finished products are sold in the UAE market then the license holder will need to do this through a local distributor or a local agent.

  • Commercial License: this license will allow the holder to import, export, sell, distribute and store items specified on the license. If the finished products are sold in the UAE market then the license holder will need to do this through a local distributor or a local agent.

  • Service License: this license will allow the holder to carry out the services which are specified on the license within the Hamriyah Free Zone only.

Areas of Business:

  • Import and Export

  • Trading

  • Business

  • Management

  • Marketing Consultancy

Hamriyah Free Zone Benefits:

  • 100% corporate tax exemption

  • 100% personal income tax exemption

  • 100% foreign company ownership

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

  • 25 year leases available, renewable for a further 25 years

  • Strategic location

  • Multiple business sectors

For more information, please visit http://www.hfza.ae/

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